Top 3 Marketing Trends of 2020

Top 3 Marketing Trends of 2020

You want to know, so here we go!

3) Chatbots

Chatbots are tools that you ingrain into your website that allows your customers and prospects to message you at any time of day. These are little pieces of code that open a whole new door to customer communication. This is such a critical item because it increases your conversion rates! When a prospect, or customer, hits your website – maybe they want to buy? Or Maybe they have a question? Now, they can literally text you right there on the spot.

You can respond to customer questions and concerns immediately. When you respond immediately, you increase your conversion rate by 3X. At TCMG, we use a Facebook Messenger bot, so people can direct message us at any time through our Facebook page.

2) Voice Search

Who would have thought that you’d be able to ask a brick for directions to the nearest sushi restaurant in town? Or for movie times at your cinema? Or for advice on the current weather condition? I didn’t. 

Customers can now search for anything with voice.

“Hey Google, what color was George Washinton’s white horse?”

“Well, David, George Washington’s white horse was white.”

It is so important for you to be vigilant and pay attention to these platforms because voice is the future of marketing. While voice search is still very early on, voice functionality is growing rapidly. The physical act of typing on a cell phone keyboard is becoming obsolete. Voice to text messaging is the future of texting and copyrighting because it’s so much more time sensitive. Speaking your text takes a much shorter type than typing it out. Moreover, when people say: “Alexa, show me XYZ Company” you’re going to want to be that XYZ. 

1) TikTok

The fastest growing app on the marketplace is TikTok. They have built a system that makes it easy to consume content. People love it. Your customers will sit on TikTok for hours, scrolling video after video. You need to get your brand and your business on TikTok. You have a story to tell and value to provide. You need to be on TikTok.

When you post on TikTok, your video can be seen by 100k people in days… or hours! The chance at virality has never been higher! If you posted the same content on Instagram, and you have a medium-small size of followers, you may only get 20-30 likes/views in a week. Whereas, on TikTok, you’re consistently being exposed to new potential clients and new leads.

This is also a great tool to understand the trends of the marketplaces. What do people care about? Have their interests changed? Where can we expect spending habits to go? People are talking about it on TikTok.

These have been the top 3 marketing trends of 2020 and I am David Grace of The Creator’s Marketing Group.

If you’d like to see David’s video on this subject, where he breaks down these trends, click here

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