5 Marketing Tips For A Post-Covid World

How do we conduct business after Covid-19? What does the marketing world look like after coronavirus?

You want to know, so here we go!

Here are the Top 5 Things you need to consider for your business in a Post-Covid World

5) Evaluate Your Marketing Plan

Back in December of 2019, or January 2020, you probably wrote a business plan or marketing plan for the year to come. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it didn’t work out too well.

What things worked? Are there things that didn’t? What happened? Do we still have the same people on the team? 

Consider this a full company audit, not just your for marketing. Audit everything to understand how the marketing and your business has changed and what needs to change moving forward.

4) Digital Marketing

Everybody’s on their phone. Everybody’s on their phones now more than they were before. TikTok has over 500 million people on it per day. Where are you and where is your business on platforms like this? 

What platforms are you on? You need to communicate with you people. Your customers are there waiting to hear from you. What are we doing to reach out to them? 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Review Platforms. Your business needs to be present on all 5.

3) Review Platforms

People are so conscious about where they spend their dollars now, because everybody’s hurting financially. Nobody really escaped through this year without getting hurt a little bit. 

People make decisions in committee. They don’t make decisions on their own anymore because they’re afraid of losing their dollar. People trust in committee, in groups. What are you doing to prove ahead of time that you’re a trustworthy person to hire and work with? 

Having stellar reviews on Google on Facebook makes your business look trustworthy. Ask your loyal customers for reviews. If you can get three 5 star reviews a week, it could change your business.

2) Websites

When was the last time you had your website updated? When was the last time your web store was updated? Or do you even have a web store? 

Customers and clients cannot buy from you in-person right now. We don’t know when conventional shopping will return. The conventional experiences of retail shopping, dining, and customer interactions may all be things of the past. If this is the case, then your website is the new storefront to your business. 

The goal of any website is to do 2 things: collect customer data (ie: interests, trends, likes/dislikes) and make sales. 

1) Make Marketing A Team Effort 

Let’s say you run an insurance agency, a supermarket, a real estate agency, a doctor’s office, etc. You run a business that has a team… are you showing off your team? And, moreover, is your team included in your marketing endeavor?

People don’t buy from businesses, they buy from people.

If I enter your business and I see Joey, your lead salesman, or Janice, your receptionist – I should know who they are ahead of time. I should see them included in your digital marketing. Showing off your people allows prospects and customers to subconsciously break rapport with them before actually getting to your office. 

Let your gym’s coaches take over your social media for one week. Have your team dress up for Halloween and take group photos to blast out on social… It doesn’t matter the size of your business. People need to know who you are and identify with you as being human too. 

BONUS TIP: Give Away The Ranch

Okay, don’t actually give away the ranch!

Trust is built in value and expertise. For you to build lasting trust with a prospect, there must be value given and expertise proven.

At times like this, when people are in financial, emotional, and physical conflicts, it’s critical that you’re providing as much value as you can upfront; proving you’re an expert – and then focus on selling at a determined later-date. 

Customers want to feel appreciated. Providing an instance of personally delivered value will cause that prospect to have an emotional connection to you and your brand.  Don’t take a loss at this, that’s not what it’s intended for. Get out there, prove you’re awesome at what you do, and make someone’s day better!

This has been David Grace with The Creator’s Marketing Group.

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